You'll find such a gesture at the restaurant


You’ll find such a gesture at the restaurant: fingers collected in a pinch, hand slowly descends from the top down which means that the meal was amazing delicious. If you want to say something, tap the finger on your lower lip. You can thank the interlocutor by putting right hand on the heart and head nodding.Greek keeps silent only when he is sleeping.

Morning in a Greek family begins with the cheerful songs and endless conversations continued for a delicious breakfast. Coming to the work, local people talking to each other so enthusiastically and excitedly, though they had not seen for a year, and in the evening Greeks go with their friends to bars or pubs to have a long talk.



Kos is the island that you can drive around in a single day.

Most of the settlements are high above the water. In the town of Oia, for example, there are only small areas for walking, but in the cities of Kamari and Perissa you can walk along the promenade and enjoy the beauty of this friendly island. Tourists who come to this volcanic island on the ferry for one or several days. If you are comming from Mykonos to Santorini by helicopter you will see all the beauty of the volcano from above.


In Sitia City you can also see its beautiful waterfront bars, taverns, clubs and restaurants. Tourist infrastructure here has the highest level. The entire waterfront strip, made in the style of romanticism, is fenced from the city by palm trees. The best time to visit it is evening and night: you can participate in numerous carnival or take a stroll in the moonlight.



Greek haircut with a bandage;


Greek dress allows every girl to feel herself like a goddess. You can also wear classic shoes in the Greek style. For example, a variety of sandals (often flat shoes than on the heel) with lacing to the knee or the abundance of straps. This style perfectly underlines the elegance of ladies legs.


To give a complete look in Greek style you need to do a simple, but fascinating hairstyle. It gives romance, tenderness, lightness and sensuality to your look. The main types of hairstyles are the following: